First and foremost, the Executive Board of the Maryland Troopers Association would like to express our sincere appreciation to our Lobbyist, Bernie Shaw, for his many years of outstanding dedicated service to the MTA.  He has worked diligently over many many years to forge extremely positive and well respected relationships with all members of Governor’s Office, the General Assembly, Legislative Services, the MSP and other Law Enforcement Agencies and Organizations.  His hard work has consistently championed the continued best interest and protection of our members in all matters before the Maryland General Assembly.
With that being said, Bernie has informed the Executive Board that he will be retiring at the end of calendar year 2017.  With this being the case, the Board is currently seeking others who may be interested in assuming his contractual position as Lobbyist for the Association.  We are interested in filling this position as soon as possible so that the candidate selected can work along side Bernie through the remainder of the current legislative session and occasionally in the coming months to become more familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the position.
The following job description is general in nature, but will give interested persons an idea of what would be expected of anyone filling this position.
Maryland Troopers Association Lobbyist – Contractual
Candidate must:
have a good working knowledge of policy and Maryland statutes related to the MSP and law enforcement in general;
have excellent writing and verbal skills;
be able to effectively communicate the MTA’s position concerning pending legislation with members of the General Assembly;
Maintain a professional attitude, demeanor and appearance at all times when representing the Maryland Troopers Association; and
be able to attend monthly Executive Board meetings of the Maryland Troopers Association
Legislative Session: (2nd Wednesday in January until 2nd Monday in April, 90 days)
Review between 3,000 and 4,000 Senate and House bills for impact on our membership;
Consistently monitor those bills for possible amendments;
Testify and/or submit written position papers to the General Assembly supporting or opposing legislation;
If necessary, develop and submit recommended amendments to legislation;
Conduct meetings with the MTA Legislative Committee concerning pending legislation and hearings;
Attend and participate in all relevant Legislative Committee Hearings to support or oppose legislation of interest;
Submit a monthly report and make position recommendations on pending legislation to the MTA Executive Board;
Submit a final legislative report on the passage or failure of bills following the legislative session to the MTA Executive Board; and
Establish and maintain a good working relationship with the MSP Legislative office, other Law Enforcement Agencies, Organizations, Senators and Delegates.
During Legislative Interim:
Monitor hearing schedule for hearings on pensions, (Pensions subcommittee), fiscal briefings from the Department of Legislative Services or other issues that impact the Maryland Troopers Association or the Maryland State Police;
Advise the PAC Committee on the support of Senators or Delegates;
Attend Senator or Delegate receptions as directed by the PAC Committee; and
Any other related duties as requested by the Maryland Troopers Association Executive Board.
We ask anyone interested in the position to notify the MTA office.  You can e-mail the Executive Director at or call him at 410-653-3885.