AUGUST 4, 2011



            It was with the utmost pride that I accepted the appointment as Superintendent of the Maryland State Police.  I am honored to wear the uniform of a Maryland state trooper.  I assure you I will work every single day to earn the respect the uniform and badge of the Maryland State Police represent.  I have often admired and appreciated how all the troopers I encountered have worn this uniform with pride.  I believe that pride is indicative of the hard work, ethical standards, and professionalism the men and women of the Maryland State Police, both sworn and civilian, adhere to each day as they serve the people of our state. 

            Tuesday evening, I attended National Night Out activities with Governor O’Malley in Takoma Park, New Carrollton, and Bowie.  I was very proud to hear the positive comments about the Maryland State Police that came from elected officials and citizens at all three of these locations.  I am certain our commanders received similar comments as they attended 16 other events that night throughout the state. 

            Those positive comments and attitudes about this Department are the result of your diligent public safety efforts.  On Tuesday, troopers from the Forestville Barrack responded to a six vehicle crash on both the inner and outer loops of the Capital Beltway at the height of the morning rush hour.  Two people were killed, two were injured and the extensive scene created a significant investigative challenge.  The Forestville troopers and our CRASH Team responded quickly and pieced together a complicated crash while working hard to reopen the interstate and reduce the frustration of thousands of motorists. 

            Over the past weekend, our Homicide Unit responded to a double shooting in Salisbury with one person dead and one wounded.  In less than two days, two men were in custody and charged with murder, including one who was tracked down out of state. 

            In the same region, a county detention center inmate scaled a fence and escaped with the help of his girlfriend.  The State Apprehension Team tracked down the pair and had them both in custody less than 18 hours after the escape.

            In two weeks, our Forensic Sciences Division Laboratory will be awarded the highest level of international accreditation available.  This is a major accomplishment that is evidence of a real commitment to excellence made by all our lab personnel. 

            These are the types of actions by our sworn and civilian employees that generate the positive comments the Governor and I received Tuesday night.  Exemplary public safety performance like this is what builds value in the Maryland State Police and upholds the outstanding reputation you have helped build during the past 90 years. 

            Our greatest asset is you, the men and women who make up this Department.  The competence, trustworthiness, loyalty, commitment, and willingness to work hard are extremely important to our goal of moving the Maryland State Police forward.  The individual actions and decisions you make daily are what will drive the future of this Department. 

            As we look to the days ahead, I ask that you join me in doing several things.  First, I ask that you work hard.  You should fulfill your duties in the best interest of the Maryland State Police and the public safety of our citizens. 

            Second, I ask that you aspire to be a leader, regardless of your rank.  Your very presence and the image you project impact everyone you come in contact with.  Be a leader in your work group, your barrack, and your community. 

            Third, I ask that you treat people the way you want to be treated.  That includes people within this organization and the citizens you touch in your duties each day.  I will not tolerate racial discrimination or sexual harassment.  Ask yourself if you are treating people the way you would like a member of your family to be treated if he or she encountered someone from our Department.  Remember that every time you make contact with someone, you are appearing in your own commercial for the Maryland State Police.  You are representing everyone else who wears this uniform.

            There are times we lose sight of why we chose this profession.  Remember the reason you became troopers.  I believe it is because of the character inside you.  It is character that drives you to do your best in providing quality law enforcement services to our citizens. 

            At the end of your shift, I want you to ask yourself an important question.  What did you do today to make Maryland a safer place to live, work, and visit?  If you can adequately answer that question, you will have done your job and helped us build value as one of the finest police departments in the nation. 

            Together, we can make a difference for ourselves, the Maryland State Police, and the people we serve.  I am honored to serve with you as a member of “Maryland’s finest.”