The Golden Ring Barrack Hosted its annual Holiday Party and Award ceremony on December 21, 2022. The awards were from 2020, NCO of the Year Sergeant Gary Shaw, Trooper of Year Sean McMachan; presentation was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Corporal Burton was able to secure food and raffle donations at no expense to barrack personnel.
When Corporal Burton was tasked with organizing the Golden Ring Barrack Holiday party, he wanted to think of a way we could help our community, not just ourselves. The Maryland State Police sees itself as part of the community, part of the people and population, with same common interests, who share the same communities we patrol. The mission of the Maryland State Police is to ensure Maryland is a safe place to live, work and visit. To reach the mission, we have four strategic goals. One of the goals of the Maryland State Police is to support the citizens and the communities in which they live. We achieve this goal thorough our core values, specifically our service to the community. As an agency, we strive to improve the service we provide, the quality of life in the communities we serve and the relationships we have with the community. In an effort to further the mission and goals of the department while focusing more resources to community based policing, the Golden Ring Barrack organized a raffle during the holiday party. The raffle was used to generate funds to donate to a local shelter, not far from the barrack, which is run by the Community Assistance Network. The current Coronavirus pandemic has left so many families/shelters in dire need and the Troopers of the Golden Ring Barrack want to help. It is with great honor, to present the Community Assistance Network, on behalf of the Maryland State Police and the Troopers of the Golden Ring Barrack, with $1059. Our hope is for the Community Assistance Network to use the generous donation from the Troopers of the Golden Ring Barrack to help those in need in our community. We hope our contribution has a positive impact and look forward to partnering with the Community Assistance Network in future community supported programs.