This is your chance to show your support for law enforcement.

As previously posted on the MTA Face Book Page, the MTA, along with the MTA’s law firm and MTA’s lobbyist, is closely monitoring the various committees addressing police reform. One of the suggestions for police reform is making personnel records of police officers available under a Public Information Act (PIA) request. Currently, police disciplinary records are personnel records and protected from release. Another suggestion is the eroding and/or elimination of the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights (LEOBR). There was a major overhaul of LEOBR in 2016. The MTA is committed to monitoring and opposing any police reform where it infringes on the rights of Troopers and places the Trooper in an increased hazardous situation.

As for defunding, the MTA is against any movement to defund a police department. I know firsthand that any defunding will ultimately result in the reduction of manpower. On the contrary, police departments need more funding for manpower, training, and equipment to properly do their jobs.

This is your opportunity to show your support for law enforcement and send a message that defunding is not the answer. Support for law enforcement is critical during these unsettling times.

Hope to see you there.