The results of the 38th Annual MSP Softball Tournament from June 29th & 30th.  Many thanks to the MTA, Alumni Troopers Associaiton and State Troopers Lodge 69.

Gold Divison
1st – CED / DED
2nd – North East
3rd – Prince Frederick / Laplata
    The MVP Ted Wolfe Award was presented to Sgt. Jason Leitchman of CED.  All tournament selections included;
S/Tpr. Chris Snyder
Lt. John Wilhelm
Sgt. Rich Keys
Billy Chad
North East
TFC Joe Coudon
Cpl. Jeremy Burns
Sgt. Colin Bristow
Prince Frederick
Lt. Randy Stephens
S/Tpr. Dave Whipp
1st – Frederick / Hagerstown
2nd – Tri County (Salisbury/Berlin)
3rd – Centerville
   MVP of the silver division was TFC Adam Thomas of the Frederick Barrack. 
    A story will be submitted to the MTA for inclusion in the magazine.

Sgt. Brian K. Smith #2918

Maryland State Police
Frederick Barrack
Team 4 – (301) 600-4150