Retired K9 Zim


(Obituary from Zim’s handler, partner, friend and family member First Sergeant Robert W. Connolly)


 I regret to inform you all that Zim had to be put to sleep today. 1620 hrs.

His health took a drastic turn for the worse and despite his AWARENESS…

he let us know with no doubt that it was TIME.
Retired K9 Zim was a 12 year old German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic that joined the MSP at 18 months of age.  He was the one and only K9 partner of First Sergeant Robert W. Connolly for 5 years while he was assigned to K9.   The team was  trained for drug and patrol duties and they led the Eastern Region in K9 apprehensions for all 5 years they were assigned to K9.  Zim was a legend on the shore for being nasty… but by the time of his death, he was only known as Retired K9 Zim… soft and lovable to all that wanted to know him.  And MANY did.   And those that did… will NEVER FORGET HIM.

I wanted to send this email to you all because my wife and I thought it was
important to let yas know how much we appreciated your kindness to him over
his 10 plus years with me.

I thank you, each and every one of you, for the small gestures of kindness
you had displayed in your periodic and day to day contacts with Zim.

I hope you realize how grateful I am for the life he lead.  For the added
bonus to his days when you each would stop and say a kind word to him, or
smile and pet him for a moment or two.  Or comment on how “HANDSOME”,
“scarey” or “big” he was.  Or even tolerate the shedding, occasional
dripping, drooling and whining.

Actually, even those that were a little LEARY of him… that didnt stop to
pet or look too long at him… seemed to recognize and appreciate the bond
he had with me.  And I, in-turn appreciate THAT in itself.

Some of you helped train him, feed him (yes sneaking him cookies or treats
when I wasn’t looking), some of you babysat him either at the barrack or at
our house, you might have changed his water or let him back in the barrack
back door while he and I were both making emergency head calls or even when
he would sneak away from my door to visit you during your breakfast or
lunch to mooch a piece… EVEN THOUGH  YOU MAY HAD RATTED HIM OUT ;]  he
enjoyed the game of it.  You each added a little more attention and light
to his life.

Some of you, especially the PCOs and Admin of Bk “S” constantly maintained
a watchful eye and a soft hand for him…

Easton, La Plata (night shifts and weekends with the Troops) and especially
the Centreville Barracks  — so many Troopers, Civilians and their
families and especially their children (Zimmy lllllloved little kids ūüôā

You all helped love him… and for that we cant be Thank Ful enough.  Even
if it was just for a very small sliver or memory … YOU were like his
extended family.

He truly lead a BLESSED LIFE and even after (supposedly retiring) he LOVED
coming to work with Daddy EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Some days we would just get
home and have to go right back… and his tail would be winding and his
paws sliding as he did his circle routine on the floor and in the
hallways…. he always loved a car ride.

THAT was one of his every day HAPPIEST times… getting ready to go to
work… and getting ready to go home.

SO … it saddens me MORE THAN I CAN EXPRESS how much everyday will hurt me
a little… most … like today… much much more than a little… but I
dont want to lose the inclination or importance to stop and THANK YOU for
being so good to Zim.  For your patience and UNDERSTANDING of why Connolly
brought his dog with him EVERYWHERE he went….

Zim was EVERYTHING a GOOD DOG could be…

when we got him at 18 months he was strong, brave and driven… he was
somewhat suspicious, distrustful and independent…

by the time he left us… he was Trusting, sweet and LOYAL.  He never
strayed too far from me… ALWAYS watched over me, Melissa and the kids.

He was SO MUCH MORE than a k9 partner or a pet…

it is unavoidable and unfortunate that I move forward with a fist sized
hole punched just left of center in my chest…

but we were ALL BLESSED for having Zim in our lives for the time God gave us.

Again… I thank YOU all for whatever little piece of his life you made
better with your actions and yours words.  And mine for your friendship.

I ask you for one last favor – PRAY and WISH that *the Lord takes him and
keeps him*… and that I will earn the right to get there and have him back
when I do.

Thanks again… I have no doubt that Zim appreciated ALL OF YOU.  Every
single one of you.